Orthodontic Department

Orthodontic is a part of dentistry mainly deal with alignment and correction of teeth which are not positioned in a proper manner in the oral cavity and also plays major role in the management of cleft lip &palate patient, functional problems-TMJ dysfunction, snoring, speech impairment and defective mastication. It can be best handled by orthodontist and his team to achieve the requested goal. As such orthodontic department in T/H Jaffna extends its wide range of orthodontic management for the patients not only from Northern Province but also from other parts of Sri lanka such as Ampara, Puttalam, Trincomalee and Batticaloa.

Main category of patients managed in orthodontic department:-

  • Cleft lip and palate patients

  • Temporomandibular joint problems     


  • Facial deformities patients

  • Patients with improper maxillary mandibular relationship
  • Patients with teeth malalignment          

  • Snoring patients

  • Referrals from other units for investigations.


Benefits obtained from orthodontic treatment

  • Identifying and providing early orthodontic treatments prevent complications in later life.
  • Can safe the children from teasing and bullying by other students because of their malocclusions.
  • As malocclusion and malalignment have major impact in marriage proposals, orthodontic treatment helps to minimize this problem and pave the way for their early marriage life.
  • Facial defective patients and cleft lip& palate patients, aesthetic and appearance will get improved. So their quality of life will be improved.
  • Pain relief in TMJ problem patients.
  • Psychosocial problems will get settle.
  • Alleviation of speech impairment.
  • Reducing the risk of injury to the teeth which are placed forward
  • Tendency of periodontal disease and caries will be minimized after the treatment. Because of the feasibility of brushing, cleaning, and flossing.
  • Improvement of mastication.


History of orthodontic department TH/Jaffna

Department of orthodontics was established in 2013 1st of November with the effort of Dr.P.Sathiyakumar Consultant orthodontist  and until now his service is rendered  in the same department along with the assistance of his co working doctors and staffs . Though initially it was established with minimum facilities, the continuous hard work and support from Health ministry, Directors of T/H Jaffna, Development society and NGOs the present state has been achieved with extensive modern treatment facilities. Because of the enormous effort of Dr.D.C.Ambalavanar, large amount of fund was donated by Jephcott Charitable Trust for the benefit of our orthodontic patients and also supported for the training of Orthodontic laboratory technical work for our two health assistants by a Technician from Vellur University,India.  


Later achievements of our department:-

  • Establishment of orthodontic laboratory- almost all the orthodontic appliance (removable, functional & fixed) are constructed in orthodontic Lab.      
  • Made available for advanced investigation method-

  1. Plain radiographic machine
  2. OPG & Lateral cephalogram radiographic machine

  1. Cone beam CT       
  • Commencement of multidisciplinary team (Consultant orthodontist, Plastic surgeon, OMF surgeon, ENT surgeon, Paediatrician, Speech therapist, Occupational therapist) approach for the management of facial deformity and cleft lip, palate patients.
  • Teaching of postgraduate trainees and preparation for postgraduate exams.

Clinic days-

Consultation days:-  Wednesday, Saturday(school children)

Records taking days:-  Friday, Sunday

Fixed appliance follow up days:-  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Retainer day:-  Friday

Removable& functional appliance follow-up days:- Monday, Thursday, Friday

Treatment planning & radiographic analysing: – Wednesday, Saturday

Preschool clinics:- 7am – 8am on weekdays

After school clinics:- 2pm -5pm  on weekdays                              

Orthodontic team- Consultant orthodontist, Dental surgeons, Intern trainee, Nursing staff, health assistants,


 Process of orthodontic management

  • Obtain referrals from consultants / doctors
  • Detail history taking
  • Investigation procedures
  • Treatment planning
  • Assessing patient’s compliance.
  • Oral hygiene improvement and management of other oral problems.
  • Treatment process
  • Retainer fixation.
  • Follow up reviews.

Services provided

  • Early orthodontic treatment (Interceptive orthodontic treatment)
  • Habit intervention with habit breaking appliances
  • Growth modification (correction of upper and lower jaw relationship)
  • Comprehensive orthodontic treatment
  • Management of functional problems- Snoring, speech impairment, defective mastication
  • Interdisciplinary orthodontic management- Facial deformities, cleft lip& palate patient management.
  • Pain management- TMJ dysfunctions
  • Preoperative and post operative management for orthognathic surgeries.
  • Referrals for other medical conditions
  • Training for postgraduates (our centre was accreditated by PGIM as training unit for postgraduate trainees in 2017) and intern doctors.
  • Conducting outreach programme for oral problems.
  • Carrying out carrier related researches.
  • Teaching Medical students, Nursing students and training the assistants.


Team work

In order to ensure the team work in our clinic we conduct outreach programmes, multidisciplinary clinic and also celebrate cultural festivals, tours & yearend parties. 

Contact Us

TP No : 021 222 2261